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Everyone’s lives have been upended by coronavirus. But we've released new findings that show that the impact of coronavirus has hit the autistic community worse than the rest of the UK population.

Our survey in June and July found that autistic people were seven times more likely to be chronically lonely than the rest of the public. They were also six times more likely to have low life satisfaction.

This isn’t fair – we need investment in local services to get our community back on its feet. The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is due to announce the Government’s budget soon – we have to take action now to make sure that autistic people and families aren’t left stranded. Join our call by signing our letter to Rishi. 

Dear Chancellor,

This year is crucial to get support right for autistic people and their families across the UK. The coronavirus outbreak has been hard for everyone, but for autistic people and their families it has left them completely stranded.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, there was not enough support for autistic people and their families, and it’s all too clear this has got much worse over the last few months.

When lockdown started, thousands saw their vital support disappear overnight, leaving them at serious risk of falling into crisis. As a consequence, recent research by the National Autistic Society shows that autistic people are seven times more likely to be chronically lonely and six times more likely to report low life satisfaction than the general public during the pandemic. We believe you must act urgently to invest the funding needed to stop the situation from getting even worse for the 700,000 autistic people and their families across the UK.

We call on you to take decisive action to support autistic people ahead of future waves of coronavirus, and to address the deep inequalities they already faced before the outbreak.

We urge you to take the following actions to address this:

1. Produce action plans to protect autistic people and their families in case of future waves of coronavirus, with sufficient funding for these to put into action in each nation of the UK.

2. Across all the nations of the UK, fund the support, services and understanding that autistic children and adults need. This means funding to bring down diagnosis waiting times in every area, making sure every autistic person with a mental health problem can access appropriate support, and every autistic child has a teacher that understands autism. There are many other types of important support that need your attention. Each nation’s autism strategy is currently being reviewed or will be reviewed soon. It is vital that what comes out of these reviews is fully funded.

Without these actions, we fear autistic people and their families could be at risk of falling even further behind.

Now must be the time to address the fundamental inequalities they face once and for all.


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